Featured in the November 2009 edition of Land Rover Monthly magazine.

When a donated vehicle is shipped off for aid work in a far off land, it’s all too easy to dismiss it as ‘just another charity donation’. But that misses the point. Such a vehicle, like this 110 ambulance destined for Nepal, isn’t achieved by accident. It takes the efforts and generosity of many people to make it happen. There is a massive amount of work to do, and funds required, to turn an unroadworthy Land Rover into a fully equipped ambulance that can withstand the harsh environment of the Himalayas. Land Rover Monthly played a small part in the project, but the real praise goes to the companies and individuals whose generous contribution made the creation of this great Land Rover ambulance possible.

Alex Van Someren – donated the original 22-year-old vehicle.
Britpart – donated some £2-3,000’s worth of parts.
RST Landrovers – donated some £3-4,000’s worth of labour plus many additional parts, too).
Sealmaster – Tessa Reeve donated £1,000 personally to cover the cost of the metallic paint for the re-spray. Staff fixed the sirens and lights and about 20 minor faults. Sealmaster also insured the vehicle.
HoF Solutions – Fran Henthorn helped us with designing, printing and applying logos and striped markings.
Aid to Hospitals Worldwide – donated stretcher, oxygen bottle and mask, heart monitor, heart defibrillator, dressings, syringes, scissors, bowls, blankets, infusion equipment and more (all ex-NHS surplus). The charity were introduced to ‘A2HW’ by Dr Mary Archer, Cambridge Hospital Trust.
Vision Alert – Katherine Reynolds helped get donated flashing blue lights, a choice of four sirens and an alternate headlamp flasher unit.
Sign & Print Graphix – Steve Arnold helped source the ‘AMBULANCE’ sticker.
Granta Processors – Chloe Marsh donated a weighbridge certificate required for export.
Noel Young Wines – Noel Young provided several cases of champagne and wine to help MT raise funds to ship the Ambulance, by sea to Calcutta and by rail and road.

To date, Mountain Trust have treated 4,500 patients. Visit to learn more about the charity’s continued relief work in the mountainous regions of Nepal where transport is never a simple matter. To make a donation simply head over to their JustGiving page.